Vadim Gumerov

Vadim Gumerov

Research Scientist

The Ohio State University

I am interested in understanding the evolutionary processes that shape life on Earth. My current research encompasses two directions: finding ligand binding determinants of extracellular receptors and developing a comprehensive picture of signal transduction in prokaryotes.

In our recent study I have discovered an amino acid binding motif found in various receptors across the Tree of Life. In humans a receptor of this type is a constituent of alpha2/delta regulatory subunits of voltage-gated calcium channels and is implicated in various neurological disorders (paper). To accommodate constantly growing microbial genomic data, with the team of talented bioinformaticians I have developed from ground up the latest release of the Microbial Signal Transduction database, MiST, which includes more than 125,000 genomes. In addition, I conceptualized and developed a computational platform for protein evolution and function analysis, TREND, which facilitates finding new patterns and phenomena in biological data.

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